Manage our environment to ensure the safety of each employee
Develop new technologies and construction methods to meet the challenges of industry
Provide quality products and services to each client

Health, Safety and Environment

Safety and Security

We believe that it is possible to create and sustain a workplace that is free of work- related injury, illness and incident. We are committed to realizing that possibility in all Bay International Canada workplaces, and to helping our customers achieve their own goals through our work for them. The principles we will apply to achieve our goal of zero harm are as follows:

• There is no task so important or so urgent in our business, or our customers' businesses, that it overrides the need to work safely.

• The primary responsibility and accountability for achievement of zero harm rests with the leadership of our company. In safety and security we are all leaders. 

• Through our leadership and systems we will engage people at every work location in an active way to take responsibility and to be accountable for their own safety and that of their co- workers.


We believe that it is possible to develop and use the world's resources in a responsible manner. We will work toward achieving sustainable development, both internally and with our customers, by applying the following principles:

• We will comply with relevant environmental standards, regulation and legislation in all our activities including engineering, material selection and construction management.

• We will actively seek ways to reduce our environmental impact through substitution, conservation and recycling.

• We will consistently seek ways to help our customers reduce environmental impacts from their projects and operations.



The health and well-being of our people is critical to the delivery of superior outcomes. We will help people to maintain their health and well-being by applying the following principals:

• We will ensure that our employees have the skills and plans to deliver the outcomes required without adverse impact on their physical and mental well-being.

• The leadership of Bay International Canada recognizes the positive benefits that personal fitness and physical health bring to work and home life. We will lead by example and encourage others to achieve appropriate levels of physical health.

•We understand that people become ill from time to time and need adequate time away from work to recover quickly and fully.